Co Create | 15 Days Residency

We as Karyashaala want to bridge the gap between Freelancers and Clients/Brands/Entrepreneurs. We understand the pain points of the most un-organised sector – freelancing and are working on a model to become a fair platform that addresses existing roadblocks. This concept cannot be achieved in a day, and we need to make this model sustainable. Given the above obvious challenges, we plan to implement it only when we are super ready.

We will be doing a few experiments/surveys/research over the next few months. Create | Collaborate | Learn | Co-Create. Apply now for our 15-days Co-Create Program The focus of the program is to create an ecosystem for Entrepreneurs/ Creators/ Freelancers; where your ideas are shaped, gaps are identified and a way forward is crafted. At the core of the Co-Create program lies the need to identify skills and collaborate with other creators. Our Co-Create sessions will be fueled by brainstorming sessions, mentor collaborations and self-development.


The Co-Create program will be held at Karyashaala, the Co-working space by Experiential Living Project in Bir, Himachal Pradesh.

Who can apply?

Coders, Software Developers, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Writers, Innovators and any freelancer who has a remote job. You must have 3+ years of industry experience or it has been 3+ years after your latest educational degree.


1. 5th Jan- 20th Jan2020 – ENTRY CLOSED
2. 5th Feb -20th Feb 2020 – ENTRY CLOSED

3. 1st March – 15th March 2020 – OPEN TILL 20 FEB

4. 16th March – 31st March 2020- OPEN TILL 5 MARCH


You have to complete the registration form and we will get back to you in 10-15 days. If you have urgent plans and are a last minute applicant, you can send us an email with the subject line “Co-Create”, with relevant references/documents to support your application at for faster processing. Please note that, we are receiving a high volume of applications and hence it’s not possible to respond to everyone, but we ensure, we go through every registration and if you have any queries regarding the selection process and application feedback, please feel free to reach us out via email.

What is covered?

1. The entire program fees, accommodation in mixed dorm, mentorship and use of co-working infrastructure is sponsored by Experiential Living Project.

2. You will get access to a dedicated Co-Working space 24 X 7 which has a 20 MBPS dedicated leased line.

3. Co-Working space is equipped with B/W as well as Color Printers and has a 24 X 7 power backup.

What is not covered?

Food is not covered, you can use the fully functional community kitchen by making your own meal. We invite you to be a part of a family, who crave to make the world a beautiful place to live. Let’s do this together; with our skills, hard work, love and humanity. All the very best. We really look forward to hosting you. In the meanwhile, if you have any queries related to the program, feel free to connect us at

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