The beginning of Co-Create 

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to think about what the biggest difference between dreamers and doers is? 

Well, since you didn’t take that moment to think and wanted us to share the difference, let’s proceed! 

Walt Disney said ‘You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.’ There lies the difference between dreamers and doers. They try to exist independently. 

Our Co-Create program traces its inception to the time when Karyashaala, our co-working and co-living space, served as a platform through which we witnessed the struggles of freelancers and entrepreneurs. Not only did it take us down the memory lane, but it also ignited the first spark for Co-Create.

We understood that ‘collaboration’ is the only way forward and found a beautiful, enriching way to make this a possibility. Karyashaala’s Co-Create program wasn’t thought in a day but time didn’t restrict us and today we are on a journey to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and freelancers. A simple idea became a vision and carved a path through which we can bridge the gap between the freelancer community and clients. 

Our program is built on experiments, learnings, collaborations and tangible goals that will lead to a world of co-creators. Co-creators who are not restricted by location, time or space. The journey is long but at every step, we are un-learning, cultivating new innovations and growing with you. 

Co-Create program is for any individual/brand/startup who is facing any challenges in implementation, resources, ideation or innovation. Karyashaala brings the best minds together customized to the needs to brainstorm, find and implement the solution.

Amidst this pandemic Co-Create program is temporarily closed, if you still want to reach us out, please drop an email to and we will see, if we can do things for you.

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