Co Creators

Meet our Co-Creators

Our Co-Creators are the essence of our program. The thorough application form is an introduction to the vision and our rigorous selection process brings people we connect to and who can make a huge contribution to our overall journey.

The co-creators of the first Co-Create program were from varied fields and came with extraordinary skills. Their Co-Create journey was inspiring and the learning graph was astonishing and resulted in real tangible results.


Muhib is a freelance app developer who loves to travel and dreams of working from the mountains. His freelance journey has helped him create a team of web and app developers under the name Ajasra. He has always been fascinated with research and he is consistently trying to find a solution as to how technology can foster community building and economic development for underprivileged.

His Co-Create journey opened up a world of possibilities for him and his professional goals. Emotional growth, awareness and research solutions were some of the key areas he worked on besides contributing his insights to many real-time collaborations within the Co-Create program. Muhib helped us with the blueprint of the Co-Create website and also worked rigorously on his innovative healthcare idea. Muhib is going to take the Karyashaala vision forward with regular meet-ups in Ahmedabad.


Vaibhav is an IIT graduate turned documentary filmmaker and a trained screenwriter. His core interest lies in exploring new narratives and visual possibilities in cinema. He believes that constant engagement with ground reality, research and creative collaboration is fundamental to this.

Vaibhav extensively explored the local culture in Bir and brought back so many stories. His Co-Create project is a movie that is based on a local subject, Dr.Urvashi, fondly known as Kukie aunty. The movie was screened at an exclusive film screening at Zostel 2.0, Bir. The movie received much appreciation from viewers that comprised filmmakers, enthusiastic film goers and locals.


Kavindithya is a freelance Graphic Designer, Founder of Runawild Design and a Solo Traveller. She specializes in the art of creating all things artsy and designs for Print and Social Media. 

Born and brought up in Chennai, one would automatically expect the ocean to be her best friend, but the mountains are home to her. Kavin’s work is inspired by details she comes across during her travels and the different cultures she has interacted with.

Kavin wanted to explore herself as an artist and expressed a desire to hold her art therapy workshop. Our Co-Create program not only encourages such ideas but facilitates the process. Her first art workshop was held in Karyashaala and was attended by all of us. The experience was enlightening, for her as well as the participants. Kavin has fallen in love with Bir and now plans to stay here till she finds her next destination. 

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