E-Living Project

Rahul started his beautiful journey to the mountains in 2017. Even though he had visited many times before, 2017 marked the beginning of something new. When he saw an old house in Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, he knew it was going to be a safe place for travellers like him. One thing led to another and from one person, it soon grew to be a team of four like-minded individuals and many enthusiastic volunteers. Mudhouse Hostels was born. Conceptualised and designed by Rahul, it is literally made of mud, hours of toil and lots of love.

Mudhouse soon became a favourite for travellers who wanted to enjoy the mountains, as they are. More than accommodations, Mudhouse is an experience that you can’t get enough of. Rahul, Deepti, Manpreet and Anisha are the core team behind E-Living Project and in essence Mudhouse Hostels and Karyashaala.

One of the first few people to visit Mudhouse Hostels were writers and they were the force behind the ‘Write Your Quote’ program. Their stay at Mudhouse led to numerous collaborations and creations including books.

A few other programs that have become synonymous with Mudhouse are Shoonya, Alternate Living and Experiential Week. We have created a space for travellers and artists where they can experience the raw mountain life and create a traveller family far from home.

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